100's of Pearls - For the General Dentist 100's of Pearls - For the General Dentist
100's of Pearls - For the General Dentist
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1. What's a Pearl? Any great idea that makes dentistry easier, faster, or better. The right "pearl" can have a powerful impact on clinical success, efficiency, profits, case acceptance, staff relations, insurance, broken appointments, stress—anything related to your practice. We've assembled the best pearls, from hundreds of sources, and put them all in one place for you!

2. How did you find all these pearls?100s of pearls has been updated twice and we now have a team of dentists continuously searching for dental pearls for you. For our first guides, Dr. Curtis says the following: “I spent over 3 years and 3,000 hours of CE to prepare these resources. I heard hundreds of speakers and tapes. I read over 60 newsletters and journals every month. I spent hours on books and Internet resources. I scouted the conventions and ordered from the ads most of us throw away. I spoke to dentists and reps all over the country. I found great information; sometimes from the top experts — often from resources I'd never heard of before. The information was in a thousand different places. Not anymore!"

3. What about courses? Dental school provided us with only the most rudimentary clinical knowledge, and virtually no training in running a business, so I've always tried to get as much CE as possible. But how many courses can you get to? How many tapes and articles do you miss? Great "pearls" are out there, but finding them is like catching just the right pieces of graffiti on New Year's Eve. There should be an easier way.

4. Why start this service? Dentists are bombarded with information that is totally disorganized and filled with hype and fluff. Wouldn't it be a great if someone would sift through it all, bottom-line it, and just tell you what you need to know—fast and easy! One pearl can have a huge impact on your practice. Imagine how many frustrations hundreds of them could solve.

5. What could "100's of Pearls" do for me? "Our guides are specifically designed to be quick and simple for the busy practicing general dentist. Just clear, unbiased tips and updates that cut through the confusion. You can save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars trying to collect this information yourself. End years of stress, frustration, wasted effort, and trial and error. Find millions of dollars in missed or lost income. All with no need to close the office, spend a fortune, or travel. You'll know more than 90% of your colleagues-almost instantly.

6. How do you make it fast and easy?As practicing dentists, we know how busy you are. You need information that is concise, fast, and to the point. 100's of Pearls guides offer:

  • Fast "summaries" and easy "icons" throughout, for simple "at-a-glance" skimming over lunch or between patients.
  • Handouts, forms, letters, and policies you can xerox or download right onto your letterhead.
  • Insurance codes and narratives proven to get you paid faster and easier.
  • 100's of proven dialogs and sample scripts for you and staff.
  • FREE "Dental Secrets-Revealed!" with every guide.

7. What is "Dental Secrets Revealed? A great resource! When you want information even faster, scan this "rapid-fire" Question & Answer supplement. It super-condenses, summarizes all the key information, and comes FREE with every "100's of Pearls" guidebook. We also offer FREE Reports and other FREE services. Click here for free items.

8. What is your connection to products and manufacturers? I have received no compensation from any product or service selected for our guides. These pearls are real and devoid of special interests. They work!

9. How is "100's of Pearls" different than everything else? We address the "real life" challenges dentists face everyday, not just the easy scenarios. We don't just tell you what to do; we tell you how to do it. Click here for great examples.

10. What are the Free Special Reports? These reports address the most common myths, misunderstandings, and misconceptions dentists have in key areas of their practice—both management and clinical. Do you have the same knowledge gaps or make the same mistakes most dentists make? Find out.

Get our FREE Special Reports automatically when you order our guides:

  • The 88 Biggest Mistakes Dentists make in Endo
  • The 58 Largest Knowledge Gaps in Anesthesia & Pain Relief
  • The 60 Biggest Myths about Fees and Case Acceptance
  • The 70 Most Common Mistakes in Collections, Financing, and Getting Paid.

11. What are your dental Forms? Great systems can end much of the frustration, conflict, and lost income that afflict dental practices. We’ve developed forms, letters, narratives and handouts that are so simple, any new staff or part-timers can learn them in seconds. Yet they can organize your practice and increase profit and efficiency like you never imagined. Order, download or copy right onto your stationary. Our guidebooks have tons of tips on how to use them. Order 2 guides and get them all for FREE! (Click here for other free services)

12. What is "Pearls Exchange Club"? Order 2 or more guides and you're automatically a member. Send me a pearl and I'll send you two back. Remain anonymous or take credit if we pass your pearls to others. We also have an invaluable Rating service for software, courses, products, consultants and other services. (Click here to send a pearl or a rating)

13. What's does everything cost? We want thousands of dentists to enjoy these resources. Therefore, we offer our handbooks at a ridiculously low cost; about the same as a prophy visit. (Click here for prices and free services)

14. What do dentists think? Here are 3 typical comments:

"Best money I ever spent. These are amazing resources."

"Fills the gap between "Reality, CRA, and Dentaltown.” Every dentist should get these."

"I got more tips in an hour than in my entire 18 year career"

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15. How do I order? Call 800-427-2830 or click here for our "Order Page."

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