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The following products can make your dentistry faster, easier and better than you ever. They can also skyrocket profits, de-stress your staff and greatly simplify the business end of your practice! We continue to update & add great products. Please return for information you may not find anywhere else!

For products to skyrocket your profit, see below. For outstanding clinical products, click here.

Skyrocket Profits:

1. What is the easiest way to make more profit? Raise your fees! The following resource collates the millions of claims dentists submit to the insurance carriers. This is the same list the carriers use to determine UCR fees! Get the 50th, 60th 75th and 90th percentiles for your zip code for every procedure you do! A 5% increase in fees yields 30% more in pure profit! Are you undercharging? This is the most accurate and comprehensive fee guide anywhere. Updated every 6 months:

2010/2011 Custom Fee Analyzer: Your Fee: $299 Order

2. Want to increase collections & case acceptance? These 8 audio CDs and 4 manuals are jam-packed with inside-secrets. Hear exactly what to say, how to say it and why! This training from a real-world master is priceless! Guaranteed to add $100,000 a year or send it back. Up to a full year to decide!

Office MAGIC: Your Fee: $277 Order

For other excellent products from Office Magic (mention 100s of Pearls or Code HOP) for special savings Click here.

3. Are you loosing a fortune by not coding insurance properly? Are you including the “buzz-words” and phrases insurance needs to see to pay your claims for perio root planing, veneers, implants, and everything else? Stop guessing. This reference picks up where the ADA code book stops. This must-have resource costs less than a prophy visit. Order it yesterday!

“Coding With Confidence”: by Dr Charles Blair
Your Fee: $99.95 Order

4. How would you like to never get a bounced check again! Do what Walmart & thousands of other stores do. Run patient checks through “First Data’s “eclipse” terminal with “Electronic Check Warranty”. Checks will be approved or denied in seconds. If approved you get paid, even if the check subsequently bounces!

Electronic Check Warranty - For more info click here (Mention code “HOP for “Hundreds of Pearls”).

5. Are you processing debit cards like credit cards? With First Data’s “eclipse” terminal, debit card transaction cost only 39 cents instead of the 3% you’re paying now. A practice doing $500,000 will typically save $2500/year by switching. Order this yesterday!

Eclipse Terminal - For more info click here (Mention code “HOP for “Hundreds of Pearls”).

6. Want to know how to bill medical insurance for oral surgery, TMJ, sleep apnea, sedation, lesions, pain syndromes or dental care related to trauma? Here's the resource you need. Tap into the medical goldmine without using up your patients limited dental benefits.

This coding manual is designed specifically for dentists and gives you all the ICD-9, CPT, V codes and E modifiers you need... and how to use them. It comes packed with coding examples, sample narratives, prototype claims and even how to file appeals. The first printing of last year's book sold out in less than 24 hours, the second in less than a week! Cost $325 and well worth it!

7. Everyone recommends payment plans through dental financing cards. But over 50% of the patients that apply get rejected! What to do? Check out the “Help Card”. Their programs approve many marginal patients that do not qualify for the other plans. This program has been used by 1000’s of dental offices for 20 years. You get paid in 2 days (minus the discount rate), even if your patient defaults! Get a down-payment to reduce your rate. (See our “Financing” guide for how.)

“The Help Card” - For more info click here (Mention code “HOP for “Hundreds of Pearls”).

8. How can you get paid easier from insurance? Switch to electronic claims. You’ll get paid in 5 days versus weeks or months. Plus electronic claims virtually eliminate the 40% of claims that are “lost” or rejected. Your software vendor can set you up, but Renaissance Systems will save you $1000’s of dollars if you go with them. (They’ll walk you through the process in 20 minutes.) You do NOT need digital x-rays or high-tech equipment to send electronic claims, x-rays, narratives, chartings or photos; just the internet and a scanner ($250-$1000).

Get our FREE special report on how to do this when you order. Renaissance Systems can also send your patient statements and follow-up on your insurance claims for a fraction of your normal costs, if you desire.

Renaissance Systems - For more info click here (For savings, mention “Hundreds of Pearls”, (“HOP”).

9. What are you being charged from your credit card vendor? Do you have hidden costs for rewards cards, statement fees or keyed in transactions? Join 1000’s of offices that are saving big-time. Send a recent credit card statement to “International Payment Solutions”. They’ll do a free analysis and show you where you are loosing big money. I switched over 5 years ago and love them.

International Payment Solutions - For more info click here (Mention code “HOP for “Hundreds of Pearls”).

10. What is your ratio of root planings to prophies? How about crowns versus fillings? How do you compare to other practices? Get some of the best consulting in dentistry at one of the lowest prices available. If you don’t make an extra $15,000 from Dr Blair’s phone consulting, there’s no-charge! A must for any office!

Revenue Enhancement Program: Dr Charles Blair Your Fee: $1490 Order
More Info: (Mention code “HOP")

11. Is your staff causing you stress and frustration? What can you do about gossip, bickering, clicks and turnover? There are answers. Check out Lois Banta’s DVD’s to solve team problems and motivate them to skyrocket profits. Or have a Banta consultant come into your office for top coaching and consulting. You’ll love coming to work!

Banta Consulting - For other excellent products from Lois Banta click here (mention 100s of Pearls - Code "HOP" for special savings).

12. How would you like to make an extra $50,000 with virtually no work? Teach dental assistants in your office. Then, charge a placement fee when offices hire your graduates while you hand-pick the best to work for you! Get the total course with 100s of power point slides. This is from the original 12-week program by Dr. Rich Erickson. He’s been netting 6 figures a year for 20 years now! Rick is also editor of the highly respected “Dental Update”. Completely turn-key including ads, brochures and all the help you might need. Totally updated!

Dental Assistant Course- For more info click here (Mention code “HOP for “Hundreds of Pearls”). Or call 770-973-0496


Easier Dentistry- Clinical Products:

1. I can’t remember all these drugs! How can you keep up with all the meds and health conditions people have? Keep Lexicomp’s dental software in each operatory on your computer or portable PDA or blackberry. Type in the first few digits of any drug or medical condition and get all the information at your fingertips. An essential, easy resource every office should have! Stop practicing unsafely and avoid malpractice or a medical catastrophe.

For more info click here (Mention code “HOP for “Hundreds of Pearls”).