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100's of Pearls - For the General Dentist
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About "100's of Pearls"

Share the Excitement! 1000’s of our guides have sold; in all 50 states & 26 countries! Here’s what many of dentistry’s top leaders have to said about “100s of Pearls.”

Dr. Howard Farran, DDS, MBA, MAGD (CEO “DentalTown”):
“We hear over-used statements everyday about “How this book is the best one yet” or “That video is the greatest ever”. Well, I have news for you, Dr. Michael Curtis’ new “100’s of Pearls” books actually live up to their superlatives. These are truly fantastic books, with literally hundreds of pearls you can implement today! Page after page is packed with wisdom you will truly use. I kept walking over to the printer xeroxing over and over; these pearls are for the office manager, these are for my assistants, these go to the hygiene department! I felt like a kid in a candy store!”

Dr. Woody Oakes (“Profitable Dentist” & “Excellence in Dentistry”):
“AlI can say is “WOW! These books contain a wealth of practical tips and information that can help any dental practice immeasurably. These are fantastic materials!”

Dr Joe Steven (Top Speaker & CEO "Kisco Dental")
"In my 27 years in this profession, I have to say that Dr. Mike Curtis' 100's of Pearls books are the most comprehensive, most informative, best presented, practical information to help any practice succeed. There's more useful information in these books than what you would find in dozens of seminars combined, and I'm not exaggerating that!"

Dr. Pat Wahl (Top speaker/editor “Office Magic”):
“You’ll pick up a tip a minute; thousands in all. Don’t be an idiot. Order everything he offers right now.”

Dr. Joe Blaes (Editor: “Dental Economics” & “Pearls for Your Practice”):
“Wouldn’t it be great if someone compiled hundreds of the best tips in dentistry, all in one place. Well, look no further. Dr Mike Curtis has produced four amazing books that are chock-full of great ideas. His fast, “here’s-what-you-need-to-know” style, cuts through the confusion for clear, unbiased tips you can use immediately. These books should be in every dentist’s office.”

Dr. Ron Schefdore (“Better Dentistry, Better Business”, “Pharmaden”):
“Your book is AWESOME—great job. You can help a lot of general dentists. This is really excellent!”

Dr. Rich Erickson, MS, DDS (Editor: “Dental Update”):
"100s of Pearls" series is the real deal. These guides are wonderfully written; and just packed with ideas and systems to improve your bottom-line and de-stress your practice. In each subject, they cover every technique and product that I know of… You will get "100's of times your investment back"… I give them 5 stars!”

Dr. Howard Glazer, DDS, FAGD (“What’s Hot” Editor: Academy of General Dentistry)
"Rapid reviews and time saving summaries with many great suggestions…This series provides excellent direction for avoiding the various pitfalls we all face... a valuable addition to your practice…loaded with pearls you can use in everyday practice…”

Dr. Michael Wahl, D.M.D. (Top Speaker & Author) -
"An amazing compilation of terrific ideas for practicing better, more efficient and more profitable dentistry. Not only is the material extremely useful, but the presentation is excellent. Bullets, summaries, layout and flow make tips very easy. There is so much information that I don't know where to begin."

Dr. Adam Chapnick, D.D.S. (Book Editor, “Alpha Omegan”)
"This book definitely contains hundreds of short concise answers to an infinite number of questions in any practice. There are so many great concepts that it is hard to pick the best…. Every office could benefit from reviewing this manual and implementing even one additional concept."

Dr Travis McFee, DDS, FAGD (Editor: “The Successful Practice”):
“The “100s of Pearls” books are absolute winners. This is a source of vital information that you will turn to over and over again. As far as I’m concerned, Dr Curtis has scored a grand slam home run here; and it’s easily worth ten times the price.”

Dr. Barry Musikant, (CEO “Essential Dental Systems” & Nationally Know Endodontist):
“…An awesome collection of useful information; organized concisely and presented in a highly digestible form.”

Dr Jeffrey Hoos, DMD, FAGD (Inventor H & H technique & Top Speaker):
“Information is the <secret> to providing your patients with the highest quality care…and a financially successful practice. Dr Michael Curtis' “100s of Pearls” is the one of the most important keys you can have…”

Dr. Dave Hirshfield (Practicing Dentist—Medfield, MA):
“Mike, your guides have given us the mother lode of dental information. You've distilled it all down to a very readable, all meat and no potatoes format that we can use immediately. Your books are excellent and believe me, I have read them all. You have real winners here! Thanks for a phenomenal job!”

Dr. Harold Marcus, DDS, MAGD (Practicing Dentist—Philadelphia, PA):
“I ordered the ‘100’s of Pears on Endo” and thought the book was so informative, I promptly ordered the other 3 in the series. It is worth the cost many times over.”

Dr. Riccardo Poli (Practicing Dentist—Torino, Italy):
“Complete, updated and very readable. The information is easy to apply, and the reader can learn from the experience of a real pro, not a salesman. Many compliments! Your books are fantastic and very useful. Thank you for your efforts and for your work.”

Dr. Erland Freij (Practicing Dentist—Flensburg, Germany):
(Rating the “Pearls” books 1-10; 10 is best)
“Information was relevant- 10”
“Worth cost and time -10”
“Top 3 pearls: More than 100’s!!!!!!!!!!”

Dr. Sidney Chonowski (Practicing Dentist—Morristown, NJ):
“Lot’s of very good, useful information…without any fluff…You are providing a much needed service to our profession.”

Timothy Quirt (Marquette University—Dental School):
“You were right, these are great. I’m spreading the word….We went over some stuff in this book and…were amazed...stuff never taught. Wet-fingered dentists; giving out their most cherished secrets is something worth their weight in gold. Every student of dentistry should have these books. They are concise, easy to read and include the most up-to-date information Thanks, doctor!”

Dr. Scott Learn (Practicing Dentist—Latrobe, PA):
“Thanks for your prompt attention. I love the pearls books!!!”

Dr. Arnold Perman: (Practicing Dentist—Englewood Cliffs, NJ):
“100s of pearls” is Great! It has given me so many helpful tips that have made my day easier. It is a compilation of hundreds of courses without the expense and travel time. It should be required reading for every dentist.”

Dr. Charles Schumacher (Practicing dentist, Farmington, New Mexico):
”We’ve been very pleased with all the information we have been able to put to use in our practice….an invaluable tool for any dental office.”

Dr. Otto John Vnek, DDS (Practicing dentist, Brunswick, ME)
“I recently ordered all the pearls books…I love the series- very informative!!”

Dr. Justin Ahoyt (Practicing dentist, Plainfield, IL)
“The books are great. Keep them coming. Thank You.”

Dr. John Stellpflug: (Practicing dentist Beaver Dam, WI)
“My staff and I are finding these little books invaluable!! I have seldom encountered CE in any form that was as immediately useful!!!! I have found them easy to read, well organized and loaded with practical info!!!”

Dr. Arthur Dean (Practicing dentist, New London, CT)
“I picked up your books this morning and was blown away. They’re perfect; lots of information, with a minimum of bull, or boring statistics. I think they’re wonderful and a great help to anyone who gets them. Congratulations!”

More testimonials come in everyday! Dentists listed here have no financial interest in “100's of Pearls” & offered their comments enthusiastically, without compensation!

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